1.20 Exodus 3-6

John Demsky


Exodus 3-6

After Moses has fled from Egypt to Midian he is tending the flock of his father-in-law. He brings the flock west and comes to the mountain of God and he sees a bush that is burning yet somehow not consumed. When he goes to investigate, God calls to him from the burning bush! God tells Moses that He has seen the affliction of his people Israel and that He is sending Moses to rescue the people from the tyranny of the Egyptians and Pharaoh their king. Moses doubts that the people will respond to him or that Pharaoh will agree to let Israel go. God reassures Moses that He will go with Moses and will provide Moses with powerful signs to show Israel and Pharaoh. Moses doubts his own power of speech; and to this God arranges for Moses to meet up with his brother Aaron so that Moses can tell Aaron the words God has given him and Aaron can speak them. Moses meets up with Aaron and the two go to the leaders of Israel who believe them and their signs and afterwards worship God! Moses and Aaron then go to Pharaoh who responds negatively saying that he does not know the LORD. Pharaoh is angered and increases the burden of Israel’s forced labor. The people of Israel respond with anger towards Moses; who now starts to doubt and asks God why he was sent if Israel is going to suffer more because of it.

“He said, “But I will be with you, and this shall be the sign for you, that I have sent you: when you have brought the people out of Egypt, you shall serve God on this mountain.””

Exodus 3:12

When Moses first doubts the task that God has given him to free Israel from the tyranny of the Egyptians God reassures him first with the promise of His presence. He promises Moses He will be there with him both during the daunting task and afterwards in celebration! God would not just leave Moses to his own devices but would be there to ensure his success.

Change vision of God- God reminds Moses multiple times that He is the God of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob. He has been God since the beginning of creation up until this point in history, has continued to be God throughout the ages up until our time now, and will continue to be God forever! It is so amazing to reflect on this as we go through the entire Bible in 2020. God has done so many amazing things throughout all of time and creation. God is still God in each new generation we read about and He is still faithful; He has been from the start and will continue to be forever!

Change vision of self or others-

We ourselves do not possess the power to accomplish what God asks us to do. We MUST rely on Him! He equips us and goes with us to whatever He has called us to do.

Action step- Focus on God, who He is, what He has done and is able to do; rather than focusing on myself and my own weaknesses and failures. Moses repeatedly questioned God’s decision to send him to Israel and to Pharaoh because he kept focusing on his own limitations thinking he wouldn’t be able to win over the people’s hearts for God or convince Pharaoh to let them go. He was not focusing on the words and signs given to him by God or even that he was going with God to do this!

Where did you see Jesus- In the burning bush! Colossians 1:16 says that “…all things were created through Him and for Him.” When Jesus walks on water, calms a storm, or feeds 5,000 people with only a few fish and loaves we see His mastery over His creation. We see the same power where God’s presence is burning the bush but it is not consumed.

5 Replies to “1.20 Exodus 3-6”

  1. Good point bro John!!! I fall into this mind trap often trying to take things on with my own “power” rather than relying on God. The moments I see God move the most is when I surrender my life to his authority and that is a continuous process for me. Thanks for sharing!!! On a separate note……two studs in one video……can it get any cooler than that?!?!?! Only if you were standing outside this morning!!


  2. ‘We ourselves do not possess the power to accomplish what God asks us to do’ I absolutely appreciate this reminder and it encourages me to focus on what God is doing not me. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Thank you for sharing your insight, John! Something that I was thinking as I read this was about how people think of God in the Old Testament as opposed to the New Testament. When I talk to people about the Bible, there often seems to be a misconception that God is this angry being in the OT, and who then mellows out and becomes about love after He has a kid in the NT. The way that God responds to Moses blows that idea out of the water! It says in 4:14 that God’s anger burned against Moses because of his unbelief. Moses was too focused on his weaknesses instead of God’s strengths. But God responds so kindly to Moses by giving him Aaron to help him speak. I love how God always meets us where we are at, even in moments of doubt!


  4. Just wanted to encourage you bro on this blog. Getting time right now with another sister in Ft Wayne and we both think you could write a bible study or book one day!!! Awesome writing!!!


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