1.24 Exodus 16-18

Kelsey McIlwain


Exodus 16 – 18

In today’s reading we see how the Isrealites adjust to life in the wilderness after being delivered from Pharaoh by God. After their initial rejoicing in Chapter 15, the Isrealites are quick to doubt God’s goodness and ability to provide for their needs. They grumble to Moses and Aaron about their lack of food, and later, water, to which God faithfully responds with a daily serving of manna and quail, and water from a rock. We also see Joshua conquer the Amalekites, with Aarona and Hur holding up Moses’ hands when he was too tired to hold them up himself. Finally, Moses gets a visit from his father-in-law, Jethro, who helps Moses delegate his responsibilities as judge to trustworthy men so as to keep Moses from burning out.

One key verse from this passage is Ex. 16:11-12. 

“The Lord said to Moses, “I have heard the grumbling of the Israelites. Tell them, ‘At twilight you will eat meat, and in the morning you will be filled with bread. Then you will know that I am the Lord your God.’”

Exodus 16:11-12

This passage stuck out to me as an example of the lengths God is willing to go to to assure His people of His faithfulness. Considering all that God had already done to deliver the Isrealites out of Egypt, it’s amazing to me that His response to their grumbling was one of graciousness and service instead of frustration. 

I think this changes my understanding of how God views me. It is easy for me to feel like a burden or disappointment to God whenever I don’t respond to challenging circumstances righteously. Even though I know God always desires for me to have a Biblical response when things don’t go as planned, this passage shows me that God doesn’t love me less when I fall short of His glory. Instead, He continues to take care of me in the hopes that I will grow to trust Him unwaveringly.

One way that I can “Go With God” from this reading is to take the time to remember God’s character in the midst of my next “hiccup” in life. I can pray, reflect, and trust in God’s faithfulness instead of dwell in anxiety, worry, and grumbling.

This passage made me think of when Jesus washed His disciples feet in John 13. Jesus was about to give Himself up as the ultimate sacrifice for the sins of the world, He still decided to serve His disciples. To me, this mirrors the way that God was willing to provide for the Israelites in the wilderness even after all He had done to deliver them from slavery.

8 Replies to “1.24 Exodus 16-18”

  1. Good point Kelsey!! I know I would like to think I wouldn’t do this but I know how quickly the worries of today can become great in my mind and I can get distracted from having faith in what God is doing!! Great practical reminder to relate to about how patient as gracious God is with us!!


  2. I’m so encouraged by what you sharing about how you see Hods character and his response to us, as we do fall short of His glory. It’s a great reminder of how good he is!! Thanks Kels!!


  3. Great insight into the heart of our God and it just brings so much joy to my heart! God knows me, He knows my shortcomings yet He never holds back His love from me or from those who seek Him. Today I want to recognize all the ways God shows His love and kindness. Thank you so much for sharing.


  4. Often we focus on Israel’s shortcomings and how they kept sinning over and over. The BEMA podcast has caused me to see things in a new light and shift my perspective to focus on God’s constant rescue and redemption instead of my constant failure. God is faithful and he continually cares for and rescues his people. God is so good and so loving and I appreciate you pointing that out today Kelsey!

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  5. I’m amazed at how God actually says that He is putting the people to a test. The whole time they are struggling in the wilderness, God is training them in the way to rely on Him and choose obedience to what He says
    . I believe He is always training and challenging us to choose His ways above all else. It is all a test.


  6. Thank you for sharing Kelsey! I was also amazed to see how God continued to respond with grace and kindness to the Israelites, when I would have responded in frustration. Thank you for the reminder that God is not up in heaven exasperated because I keep messing up, but is patient! This gives me the freedom to make mistakes and grow on my walk with God!


  7. Great job, Kelsey! These are three very important chapters; there is such much meat (or Manna) for us to focus on to help us in our relationships with God!


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