2.1 Leviticus 1-3

Anna Kainulainen


Leviticus 1-3

In today’s reading, God is speaking to Moses about sacrifices in Israel. God declares what to do when you bring an offering to him. God explains to Moses that in order to reconcile with God or offer thanksgiving to God, the people must practice rituals in God’s presence. In addition, God explains that these offerings must be made with a sacrifice from the people. In these chapters, God describes that the offerings must be free of defect or that the offerings must be made using the finest ingredients. Thus, these sacrifices would allow the sinful, corrupt people to live in God’s holy presence. Because of these sacrifices, God is able to forgive the people rather than destroy them due to their sins. These chapters demonstrate God’s grace and justice.

One key verse from today’s reading is Leviticus 1:3, which says:

“If the offering is a burnt offering from the herd, you are to offer a male without defect. You must present it at the entrance to the tent of meeting so that it will be acceptable to the Lord.”

This verse is important as we reflect on our relationship with God. As I think about this verse, it reminds me that Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for my sin. When I am feeling weak or discouraged because of my sin, it is comforting that I don’t have to perform a ritual in order to connect with God. I know that I can offer up my prayers to God, and I know that he will listen. This verse also helps me to reevaluate on where God stands in my life. When life gets hard or I fall short of God’s glory, am I offering God my second best or am I constantly seeking after God?

This verse also foreshadows that it was God’s plan all along to bring Jesus to us as the ultimate sacrifice. He knew that his son was the answer to all of our sins. Jesus was male and without defect, as he was God’s perfect son and he was without sin. Jesus also willingly sacrificed himself for our sins, and he made the greatest sacrifice so that we don’t have to slaughter an animal or perform some other type of ritual to reconcile with God. We are sinful people who mess up each and every day, but we are able to connect with God because of his love and grace and the sacrifice that Jesus made for us. He loves us that much. As we go with God, we can use this verse to remember the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus made for us.

2 Replies to “2.1 Leviticus 1-3”

  1. Right?!? I read through the very specific instructions and think man “ how tough to make these atoinments” (not sure how to spell that one) I have my moments where it feels like my entrails are being drug out but thankfully it’s not physical. Thanks Anna!


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