3.26 2 Samuel 5-7

Melissa Brewer


2 Samuel 5-7

David becomes King and defeats some enemies with the consultation and trust in God. This includes the Philistines where he takes back the ark of God. While traveling to the city of David with the ark, an oxen stumbles and Uzzah reaches out to hold it. God kills Uzzah immediately for his irreverence towards God. David fears God for this and doesn’t want the ark. The ark stays with Obed-edom. Obed-edom’s whole family is blessed for having the ark. David hears of this and decides to bring the ark to the City of David. He sacrifices animals on the way and dances with all his might on the journey. Michal, David’s wife is embarrassed of her husband and David responds, “I will celebrate before the Lord, and I will humble myself even more and humiliate myself.” As all things are going well, David contemplates the fact that he is living in a cedar house while God is living in a tent and consults Nathan in building God a house. God responds by saying He has lived in a tent since bringing the Isrealites out of Egypt. He has always been with his people and destroyed their enemies. The Lord Himself will make a house for his people. His descendant will build a house and God will establish the throne of his kingdom forever.

What is one key verse?

2 Sam 7:22 “This is why You are great Lord God, There is no one like You, and there is no God besides you, as all we have heard confirms.”

How does what you read change your vision of God?

God’s plan is not visible to our eyes unless we listen to him and read his word. David wants to build God a house and God responds by saying that is not the plan. The tent in which he lives is about His relationship with His people. How he rescued them from Egypt, defeated their enemies and became their God unlike any other gods. It’s not about the outward appearance of a tent but about the relationship with His people as being their God forever and for the purpose of one day blessing all nations.

How will you Go With God because of this reading?

Read my bible. Listen to God. Find hope in God’s words who fulfills His promises and defeats our enemies. 

3 Replies to “3.26 2 Samuel 5-7”

  1. Thanks for this! I also love the part where he dances before the Lord and is not concerned about what he looks like or what PEOPLE think. He is unabashed and in love with God. So groovy 👌


  2. I love this and just the main scripture of praising God, so much power in verbalizing the amazing attributes of our God! Inspiring, thanks for sharing


  3. It is amazing that he chooses a people not because they earn his favor, but he chooses to use them to bring glory to himself – David’s prayer of thanksgiving reflects that and his disbelief at God’s favor is mirrored by many today including myself. it is truly a mystery how God chooses to redeem those that are his.


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