4.29 2 Chronicles 26-28

Dana and April Hayes


2 Chronicles 26-28

These chapters are about a bunch of “Young Bucks” leading Judah.

Uzziah comes to power after his father is killed. Uzziah is 16 years old and he reigns for 52 years. He does a lot of good, cool civic projects and amasses a massive army and… of course… the power leads to pride. He goes into the temple and tries to burn incense to God, which only the priests were allowed to do and gets in trouble… he gets leporasy!

Jotham takes over for Uzziah at the age of 20 and he reigns for 16 years and he does pretty awesome, then Ahaz takes over at the age of 20 and he does not do very well. He eventually gets handed over to Aram and Isreal and it all goes downhill from there. But…
Ahaz is the father of Hezikiah and he did pretty well. We will be hearing about him next.

Chronicles can be a little hard because it bounces back and forth between the history of Judah and the history of Isreal so keep that in mind as you read it. It bounces all over the place. Remember, Isreal was divided into two separate kingdoms at this point in history.

The key verse for me in this section is

2 Chronicles 26:5B talking about Uzziah: “Whenever he sought the Lord, God have him success.”

Isn’t that where we all want to be? I want to be successful in everything I do so that make me want to NEVER give up seeking the Lord in his word and in prayer

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