6.1 Job 38-39

Doug Reaves


Job 38-39

We have had many chapters of hearing from Job, Job’s wife and Job’s friends. We have heard many negative and unwise things. In chapters 38 and 39 we finally hear from God. The Lord answers/questions Job by pointing out how small Job’s perspective is. How could someone so small question God’s large and great plan. God shows that he has created it all, he knows it all and that he controls it all. Job lacks knowledge, experience and perspective but he questions the almighty.

A key verse for me was Job 38: 12. God says “have you commanded the morning since your days began”. Such a simple verse. I have my QT’s in the morning and morning always comes. I never question it. But God implies that he makes that happen and that it is not automatic as I might assume. He’s always in charge and that is reassuring.

God is also just as in charge of the less consistent and less certain aspects of life. His hand is in every outcome and we can know that “In all things God works for the good of those who love him” Romans 8:28. God is in control of my life, he is in control of others lives. My most effective action is to pray to the God who is in charge of it all.

In Colossians it says that Jesus is the image of God and the exact representation of his being. While Jesus was on earth he showed his sovereignty over many things. Sickness, weather, people, death. However what Jesus’s life and death also shows that the almighty God is for us and intensely loves us. It is one thing to know that God controls everything, it another to know that he is also completely for us and working for our good.

It’s great to be his children.

One Reply to “6.1 Job 38-39”

  1. I am so blown away by these passages! Like, wow! I feel humbled by this talking to right along with Job. We are so small and have such limited perspective, that us questioning God, let alone accusing Him of wrongdoing, is absolutely ridiculous. I’m grateful that we have a God who has all of the power AND loves us!


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