6.10 Psalm 36-41

Allan Katch


Psalms 36-41

Summarize what you read in one paragraph: Psalms 36-41 are full of David pouring his heart out to God. His vulnerability and openness in these few chapters are so potent that it leaves no doubt in my mind why he was known as the man after God’s own heart. David simultaneously cries out to God, broken beyond words, and praises Him with every fiber of his being. These chapters inspire me to have an even deeper relationship with God.

What is one key verse?

Psalms 37:5-6 “Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him and he will do this: He will make your righteous reward shine like the dawn, your vindication like the noonday sun.”

How does what you read change your vision of God? Our God is one that offers us a reward that shines as bright as the sun. This promise is so reassuring and fulfilling. If we live our life for God and just trust him, we have access to a great reward!

How does what you read change your vision of yourself or others? This impacted my vision of myself because I see that I need to commit my ways to God in order to reap any rewards. It makes me consider my ways more closely.

How will you Go With God because of this reading? (What is an action step?) This perspective of God’s reward for us makes me want to use that as a method of sharing my faith with people. God’s promises drove David to write and sing, proclaiming it to the world, and it should have the same effect on me.

Where did you see Jesus in these chapters? (What made you think about Jesus?) Jesus is the one that makes this righteous reward possible! Every time we commune with Jesus, He promises us that reward all over again. Let’s remember to trust our God and walk in his ways so that we can participate in this reward.

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