6.17 Psalm 73-77

Russell Thorn


Psalms 73-77

A key verse in these chapters is:

Psalm 74 verses 16-17

The day is yours, and yours also the night; you established the sun and the moon. It was you who set all the boundaries of the earth, you made both summer and winter. 

These verses impacted my vision of God by helping me remember that he is the one in control.  He made everything and is in control of everything.  It is great to be reminded how big he is and how little we are.  I am going to remember this scripture throughout the day to remind me that God’s plans are often different from ours, often bigger and better as well as challenging.  We may not be able to establish the sun and the moon but with his help and our humility we can impact someone else’s life on a grand scale just like he did ours.

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