7.2 Psalm 146-150

Jill Perez


Psalm 146-150

There’s certainly no problem deriving the theme of these five Psalms because the word “praise” is found 40 times.  Ancient Jews knew these five Psalms as a group which they called the “praise collection”.  Authorship of these is not known with any certainty.  Psalm 147 definitely appears to have been penned after the return of the exiles to Jerusalem from Babylonian captivity.

Psalm 149:6

“May the praise of God be in their mouths and a double-edged sword in their hands

Today is my anniversary and my husband loves it when I compliment him and admire him expressively and with thoughtfulness and when he does the same for me.

I picked this verse because it is talking about praise.  But before praise this scripture uses the word ‘may’ which implies there is a wish or a hope that we would praise God.  Praise means as an action word to express warm approval or admiration of, to compliment.  It is not always an automatic thing for us to praise God and It is good to be reminded of this.  Sometimes our tendency is to jump right into the things we are praying for and we want to see God answer and we forget to notice and express the amazing attributes of God.

Vision of God

Praising God this way changes my vision of God because it helps me to see his need to connect with us.  That he wants to be thought of.  God does not want to be taken for granted and he really desires a great relationship with us, that is a 2 way street.

Vision of Others

This changes my vision of us because it helps me to see that if God wants to be praised then so do other people and that probably means I also need to be good at taking a compliment or praise from others.

Go with God

This will help me to slow down and take time to really appreciate and express that appreciation of God all the more.  After all, he deserves our praise because he is flat amazing!


I see Jesus in these chapters because Jesus deserves our full praise and he is the Bible (or double-edged sword).  Jesus was the living word of God walking around in human form.

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  1. I like the practical application to your marriage and your marriage to God. What a way to express the unity with God in your marriage. Thanks for sharing!


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