7.7 Proverbs 14-17

Noah Price


Proverbs 14-17

Key Verse

Proverbs 14:7 “Leave the presence of a fool, for there you do not meet any words of knowledge.”

Vision of God

When I was reading these passages, I felt as if God was laying out what wise living and foolish living gives us. If we live wise, HE is pleased… if we live foolishly, we will eventually be punished for living the wrong way. Also, I felt as if God was trying to relay the message of “Focus on yourself, and surround yourself with the wise,” to sum it up. God is the judge, the redeemer, and the healer. He has got us no matter what and will take care of us in the way He sees fit. 

Go with God // Vision of others

After reading all this, I was thinking how we all surround ourselves by a lot of people every day. Although we do have opportunities to choose who we surround ourselves with, there are plenty of times where we have no choice… it may be at work, school, home, or even the store, and if there is no wise people to surround yourself by… be the wise person yourself for other people to surround instead of trying to fit in and be in folly like others. . We may not have the choice of who we are with sometimes, but we have a choice in how we live and act. 


I saw Jesus when I was reading about the ways wise people live. Jesus lives in a way that very much pleases God, and for example, in the section I read, God is pleased blesses those who live in a wise manner. 

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