7.15 Song of Songs

LaShaunte Mitchell


Song of Songs


        Song of Songs, also called Songs of Solomon is an interesting read. It is a collection of poems involving a man, a woman, and some friends. Throughout the Song of Songs. The man and woman are searching for each other, longing for one another. The texts are very descriptive. There is a theme in Song of Songs of longing, seeking, and finding or losing. This pattern continues until the end of the poems where it is not concluded. Throughout the passages they refer to each other as “Beloved “. Many don’t believe that these texts were written by or to Solomon, especially because he had over 700 wives and concubines, but that it was written in his era of reign. 

Key Verse

        Throughout these passages of descriptive words there laid a scripture of warning. The scripture is repeated three times, Song of Songs 2:7, 3:5, and 8:4. It reads, “Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you: Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.” This verse seems pretty practical but is deeper after first glance and harder to put into practice. This passage says to me, be patient, don’t pursue a relationship until that person seeks you and desires you. (I don’t know if this is how it was meant to be interpreted) But the idea of sitting in wait is so unnatural to the American mind where you’re so accustomed to always be moving and being productive. 

Vision of God

        During this reading I attempted to see God as pursuing me in the way that the man pursued the woman. It was a bit weird. But the usage of words, the longing, the seeking. It seems like so much effort, that it is a bit overwhelming. To be so emotionally invested into finding me. It warmed my heart. It made me think how can I be worthy, how am I worth all of this effort. But I realized I am not. It is because of his love for me. It is his love that drives him to pursue in such a passionate way. Not anything that I do or did. Not because of my looks. Not because of what I can do for him. Gods love is abounding and overwhelming. He pursues all of our hearts.

Vision of Self

        These passages also made me put myself in the position of the woman. The woman pursuing God. It made me think an I putting in this effort? Do I describe God in this way? passionately? It made me ask myself, how do I see God and how would I describe him to someone else? I am not big in giving words of affirmation and am even worse at receiving them. But this challenges me in my prayer life to really worship God in my prayers. To lift him high with words of praise. 


        After reading these passages, I am encouraged to pursue Good more intently. To see him in my life. Logically I know he’s there, I know he has a hand in everything. He has plans for me. I will take steps to see his hand and acknowledge them more regularly. I know he’s always seeking me, pursuing me, so I don’t have to wait on him to love me but I do need to accept that I am worthy of his love and his grace. I will praise him with more passion and awareness.


        Jesus is another example of God pursuing me. He went to the extreme to create Jesus so that we can be together. Creating a physical being for him to dwell in then to come and live on Earth. Through a common life, where he lived as a servant, not admonished. Who lived with trials and persecutions and died in the worse way for ungrateful people. All in hopes that I would seek him. Jesus is the ultimate act of God’s Love and his pursuing of Me. The laying down of one’s life. 

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