7.24 Isaiah 28-30

John Carlson


Isaiah 28-30

Summary: Just like today, thousands of years ago the Israelites were leading double lives – they were hypocrites.  Showing and saying all the right things that they thought would make them look good it the eyes of God, but then doing whatever they wanted in the ‘world’ – sinning.  They were total hypocrites in that they knew what they were doing themselves was wrong, but they would then look down on others doing the same thing.  Isaiah challenges his fellow Israelites to change their ways and get on the one path of goodness.

Key Verse:

Isaiah 30:18 “… the Lord longs to be gracious to you; therefore he will rise up to show you compassion…”

Vision of God: This necessarily didn’t change my vision of God, but it reinforced what I already know about him – he is Merciful, Gracious & Loving; no matter how much I screw up

Vision of Me: I need to be more intentional of living for God and not let myself slip into ‘double life’ situations.  It is super easy of me to be critical of others when, in all actuality, I should be critical of myself.

Go w/ God: Because of this reading, I think for me ‘Go with God’ more I need to be less critical of others and be more like God – merciful, gracious and loving.  I need to realize that, just like me, others struggle with everyday life and handle situations differently that what I think how “I would do it”.

Jesus: I saw Jesus in this reading just as I always see Jesus – showing others respect, compassion and love.  These are things that I long for in my own life and I need to show these to others in order to receive them ☺

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