7.31 Isaiah 52-57

John Demsky


Isaiah 52-57


There is a lot in these chapters! God reveals His future servant (spoiler alert: Jesus!) who, although innocent, will be afflicted with God’s wrath to make intercession for sinners. God reveals that this servant brings about a new covenant with not only all of Israel but extends an invitation of compassion for all who thirst and would come to Him. God then rebukes the leaders of Israel who have led the people astray and also those who have trusted in idols instead of Him. God then reaffirms that He will offer healing, restoration and peace for those who will repent and turn to Him.

Key Verse:

Isaiah 55:8-9

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways declares the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.”

Vision of God: 

These passages reaffirm for me the truths in Isaiah 55:8-9. In this time empires are striking down nations all around and would even conquer Israel and Judah. Yet God’s plan to restore everyone through Jesus went so beyond all the things happening in that time and continues to endure forever. When we view COVID-19, racial injustice, political division, or anything else happening in the world right now through worldly vantage points it seems very demoralizing and chaotic. But if we look through the scope of what Jesus has done for us and what He offers to all people we can see that He and His Kingdom will restore all and endure through our time and onward through eternity! 

Vision of self/others:

When looking at how great God’s perspective and thoughts are it only reinforces how much smaller our perspectives and thoughts are than His. 

Go with God:

I want to go in faith with God beyond what I can perceive or even what will transpire during my time on the earth. Even if I do not see or perceive the full fruit of God’s plan or results of what He asks me to do during my time on earth I want to trust in what He will do that is just so much greater than what my limited perspective can perceive.


Jesus was all over these chapters as God’s servant who would make everything right. He would take on God’s wrath to intercede for and restore transgressors. The people in Isaiah’s time would not live to see that day but God nonetheless revealed His plan to them that they could hope in. Likewise even though we are looking back in history to Jesus’ sacrifice for us on the cross we are still hoping for many things that have not come to fruition yet. But we can trust that He will come through!

One Reply to “7.31 Isaiah 52-57”

  1. All,I felt compelled to ‘reply all’ and express my appreciation and agreement with John’s post today (much wisdom, thanks). Particularly as he contrasts two ways in which we can view current events; first, via a “worldly vantage point”, and second, with an ‘eternal perspective’. Keeping an eternal perspective during these challenging times and knowing that God is much bigger than what we’re experiencing bolsters my faith in His eternal promises and hope it does for you, too.Praying that God will work things out according to His will and that His church will become more united than ever before.Lisa and I miss you!Grace and Peace,Jeff Streng 

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