8.15 Jeremiah 46-52

Tom Humphrey


Jeremiah 46-52


Jeremiah chapters 46-52 primarily explain the judgments that will come upon the nations surrounding Judah and finally the fall of Jerusalem. 

Chapter 46 Talks about King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon attacking Egypt. It also Briefly describes how Jacob (Israel) would also face punishment but also that God would eventually have mercy on them.

Chapter 47 is about God’s judgment upon the Philistines.

Chapter 48 is about the judgement upon Moab. God is both angry over their wickedness and idolatry but also sad that it has come to this.

Chapter 49 is split up into five sections which describe the judgements to come on the peoples of Ammon, Edom, Damascus, Kedar and Hazor, and Elam.

Chapter 50 & 51 are much longer and detailed then the other chapters and describes the judgment and destruction of Babylon.

Chapter 52 Tells of the fall of Jerusalem to the Babylonians. The city was Sieged for over a year and eventually fell. The wicked King, Zedekiah was captured and taken to Babylon where he died in prison. The temple was looted and destroyed. The prior king of Judah, before Zedekiah, was released from prison in Babylon and given a seat above the seats of the kings who were with him in Babylon.

Key Verse?

Jeremiah 48:29-31

29 We have heard of the pride of Moab—

he is very proud—

of his loftiness, his pride, and his arrogance,

and the haughtiness of his heart.

30 I know his insolence, declares the Lord;

his boasts are false,

his deeds are false.

31 Therefore I wail for Moab;

I cry out for all Moab;

for the men of Kir-hareseth I mourn.

Vision of God

From the key verse and a few other sections in this reading, it is clear that God is very angry about the pride, arrogance and idolatry of the nations, but He is also sad. The destruction of these nations was not something He was happy about, but it was the consequence of many years of wickedness.

Vision of self

As I read about the wickedness of all these nations, I think about how I can be guilty of many of the same things. I may not worship other god’s directly, but I do often put entertainment or my own comfort above what God calls me to do. This is in a way the same as idolatry.

Go with God 

I will do my best to be humble and remember that God needs to be my number one priority. Too often I lose track of this, and then start living for myself. Everything starts to revolve around what I want to do, and I start to worship myself.

Where’s Jesus?

It’s kind of hard to see Jesus in the midst of all the destruction, but one thing that is very clear is that we need a savior. All these nations were destroyed due to many years of pride, arrogance and idolatry. We would all face similar judgments if Jesus had not taken our place. 

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