8.21 Ezekiel 16-19

Chiedu Okonmah


Ezekiel 16-19


The Lord speaks through Ezekiel to tell them about the sins that they have committed and the consequences of their sins. In the process, the Lord talks about specific sin, uses a parable to explain how He was wronged, and explains what will happen to those who are righteous versus wicked.

Key Verse: 

““But if a wicked person turns away from all the sins they have committed and keeps all my decrees and does what is just and right, that person will surely live; they will not die. None of the offenses they have committed will be remembered against them. Because of the righteous things they have done, they will live. Do I take any pleasure in the death of the wicked? declares the Sovereign Lord. Rather, am I not pleased when they turn from their ways and live?”

Ezekiel 18:21-23 NIV

How does what you read change your vision of God?

I see more of how much God wants us to turn away from sin. The fact that God does not take any pleasure in seeing us sin, but is pleased when we turn from that sin to live for Him, motivates me to press forward and repent of sin in my life.

How does what you read change your vision of yourself or others?

The fact that God is so patient with us and when we sin against Him, and He longs for us to repent shows me that I need to show more grace towards myself and others that might sin against me. To be buried in guilt can be a scary thing, but at some time I have to move forward and try again. This can be applied to others as well. Instead of holding grudges against others, I should be ready to forgive and show grace if I have been sinned against.

How will you Go With God because of this reading?

I will be looking for areas in my life where sin is present and repent from them. Even if it is a challenge, I will incorporate God more into this task by praying & asking others to pray for me as well.

Where did you see Jesus in these chapters?

I saw Jesus in the key verse. The way that the Lord talked about how sin leads to death, but those who turn away from sin will live reminds me of Jesus’s mission on Earth. How he came to lead and eventually die and rise up again to give us the chance to reconcile with God and repent of our sin. God was explaining that same opportunity to the Israelites in the key verse.

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