8.29 Ezekiel 44-48

Jake Monroe


Ezekiel 44-48 

Summarize what you read in one paragraph:   The restoration that God is going to bring to his people through the true king and savior.  Even amongst the previous chapters of sin and abandonment God is showing Ezekiel the hope and what is to come!

What is one key verse?

Ezekiel 47:8 “And he said to me, this water flows toward the eastern region and goes down into the Arabah, and enters the sea. When the water flows in the sea, the water will become fresh.”

How does what you read change your vision of God?  While God is just he is also merciful and this is a good reminder that just doing good isn’t enough but God created one way for salvation and it is a glorious depiction that God has redemption for his people.

How does what you read change your vision of yourself or others?   I can often get caught up in doing what I think is right but I need to be sure to follow God and humble myself to his will.

How will you Go With God because of this reading? (What is an action step?)   Being more reflective on parts of my life that I have been ignorant of thinking about as God has an abundant life for me to serve him.

Where did you see Jesus in these chapters? (What made you think about Jesus?)

In chapter 47 where the river kept getting deeper and it ran into the sea making the water fresh.  I see Jesus as deep fresh waters renewing and refreshing bringing an abundant life source.

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