9.28 Zechariah 3-4

Mireya Velarde


Zechariah 3-4


Chapters 3 and 4 of Zechariah bring us into a new part of the dreams of the prophet, Zechariah. The vivid dreams are symmetrically related as we look at his dreams of Joshua, the high priest in Chapter 3, and then contrasting it to the dream about Zerubbabel, the royal heir of David, in Chapter 4.

 One key verse that stood out to me was in chapter 4, verse 10 which states:

“Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin, to see the plumb line in Zerubbabel’s hand.”

This stood out to me because of how little things may seem to us, in dreams or visions we may have. But how significant they can be when we are certain that the Lord is working in them. 

What I read changes my vision of God in the sense of how much God loves us, by working through us in “small things” such as dreams.. He entrusts Zechariah with these bizarre dreams and visions to explain the current events or to point to the future. Dreams are so significant in the Bible. You can look back in Genesis and note the impact of dreams from Jacob, Joseph, and Pharaoh. This makes me remember how powerful our God is and how significant every movement he makes in our lives, is. 

What I read changes my vision of myself and others because we cannot look at anything as a coincidence, after truly knowing God. Nothing just happens, nothing “just” works out. It is all in the hands of God and it is all skillfully crafted in the ways that he wants. Going with this, it changes my vision of myself and others because it helps me be more aware of how different each of our lives should be, and to not strive to have similar lives (in the sense of wanting what others have.) This is how I believe God helped me understand in this own way. 

I will Go with God after this reading by being more patient and understanding with weird happenings! 2020 has been a bizarre year itself, but I know after reading this that I can confidently say that God is working and He gives us weird moments and weird dreams, so we can have opportunities to glorify Him through that. 

I thought of Jesus in these chapters by allowing my heart to see the peace that Jesus desires from us with one another. Especially in Chapter 3, verse 10 that says: “And on that day, says the Lord of Heaven’s Armies, each of you will invite your neighbor to sit with you peacefully under your own grapevine and fig tree.” Prince of peace, mighty God, as the wonderful hymn sings – reminds me of the care that Jesus has for each of us children on Earth, and the strive for peace with one another. 

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