10.21 Luke 3-6

Phil Perez


Luke 3-6

These chapters contain many gems.  The part that sticks out to me is the fact that Jesus made such outlandish claims.  The statements he recorded that get captured in the Scriptures highlight just how bold the claims he made are.  That coupled with the radical nature of his teachings makes Jesus such a polarizing figure even today.  These passages remind me of the old argument that has been made for i believe centuries now that there is no way to claim that Jesus is a good moral teacher.  The claims he makes put him in the category of Lunatic, Liar, or Lord and doesn’t leave much room for otherwise.

The key verse is Luke 5.20-21 because to me it represents one of the high water marks in the gospel of the christian view of Christ.  It challenges all persons for all time who would like to follow Jesus based on human self-improvement.  It forces the issue of lordship right to the front.

This helps me take my proper place before God as penitent sinner in need of saving and helps me to assist others around me in believing fully in Jesus as the Son of God.  

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