10.24 Luke 13-15

Tatiana Reinbrecht


Luke 13 – 15


In these chapters, Jesus is talking in parables about the Kingdom of God. We are seeing many different ways of how to look at the Kingdom and how we should be responding to it. Jesus is speaking to those who believe in Him, the Pharisees, and His apostles – teaching them a new perspective on what God’s Kingdom is!

Key Verse:

Luke 14:35

“… Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear.”

Vision of Myself and Others and God

I love reflecting in Luke 15 about who we are to God. Our position, stance, and relationship to Him is explained in three different ways. As a lost sheep, a lost coin, and the Parable Son – these help shift my thinking to a humble position, remembering I was once this “lost” person but now, I am found! Amen! Now to help those who I reach out to and interact with to see this same vision.

Go With God

Meditation – let me say that one more time — MEDITATION. Taking time outside of the day to think about my relationship to the Lord and how he sees me. Even reflecting in this same way about other people too.


ALL OVER – he’s the speaker. 

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