11.9 Acts 10-12

Clay Carstensen  


Acts 10-12 

In these chapters we get a glimpse of the power of prayer and obeying the spirit (Cornelius), the importance of ministering outside of your comfort zone, and following God’s prompts (it can be freeing 🙂 12:6-11.  

Acts Ch 10:1-4 are the key verses for me because I long to be a godly man and here we find Cornelius describes as such.  There is even a shortlist of qualities that a godly man has.  

  1. Deeply reverent
  2. His household was deeply reverent
  3. Gives generously to charity
  4. Known as a man of prayer

In verse 4b, an angel even told Cornelius that his prayers have not gone unnoticed by God himself!  This is awesomely encouraging!!

This encourages me to be these things so that my prayers are deeply effective. To be heard by God the Father, our creator, is an amazing thing that we shouldn’t take for granted and should strive for. 

 I will Go With God by keeping these 4 things on the front burner.  I will give generously, pray more, and teach my family to be reverent of God.    

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