12.2 Ephesians

McKenzie Mitchell




Doctrine occupies the greatest portion of the Book of Ephesians. Half of the teaching in this epistle relates to our standing in Christ, and the remainder of it affects our condition.

Paul’s writing breaks down into three main segments. (1) Chapters one through three introduce principles with respect to God’s accomplishment. (2) Chapters four and five put forth principles regarding our present existence. (3) Chapter six presents principles concerning our daily struggle.

What is one key verse:

Ephesians 5:15-16

Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.

I chose this verse because in view of how awesome God is, and the opportunities that we have to be filled with light are limited to only the time that we have on this earth.   We only have a finite amount of time to do good.  Therefore the call to make the most of every opportunity isn’t a threat, it’s an encouragement to make the most of your chances to build up the church, love others, be an example and a testament to the power of God and repent.

How does what you read change for your vision of yourself or others? And…How does what you read change your vision of God?

I think I picked it because I feel like I wasted so much time being self focused and miserable.  Understanding the brevity of life gives an urgency and passion to grow and do good.  The days are evil, make the most of them and stop wasting your time on fruitless endeavors.  I think I had previously read these verses as a threat and admonishment, but in the context of the entire letter, it shows me how God wants for us to live life to the full, vibrantly and filled with light.  It changes my perspective of God from being disappointed with me to being full of grace and wanting all that is good for me.

How will you go with God because of this reading?

It makes me see God’s great plan for my life isn’t to be stagnant and boring, but rather dynamic and growing.  An opportunity rather than an obligation, because the days ARE evil.  But our eternity is with God where the days will no longer be against us.  What a cool picture of his plan.

I am getting up and making the most of every opportunity.  Realizing that, I have put God first, Got deeper into the word, repented of sin in my life, resolved conflict, and have been purposefully sharing the love of God with anyone I meet.  Because I don’t know when I will no longer have those opportunities.

Where did you see Jesus in this reading?

I think seeing the love for one another and the church that Paul calls us to.  The goal is the character of Jesus.  And the church is built on him as the chief cornerstone  There is no other example to aspire to.  Also, realizing that it is the light of Christ that fills us and resides in us from our past sins is incredible.  The same man that our salvation is is also the light that fills us and gives us purpose within our short days here on earth.

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