12.16 Hebrews 8-10

Doug Reaves


Hebrews 8-10

Summary: Hebrews 8-10 tells us of the new high priest and the new covenant. It explains some of the details and deficiencies of the old covenant and the old priesthood and how Jesus has now come to end the old system and to start the new covenant. It explains the amazing benefits of this new priesthood of Jesus and what our response to it should be. It ends with a call to perseverance and a warning to those who turn away from this priesthood.

Key Verse: 9:9 “This is an illustration pointing to the present time. For the gifts and sacrifices that the priests offer are not able to cleanse the conscience of the people who bring them”

9:14 also refers to the conscience and 10:22 talks about guilt. When we are baptized we pledge a good conscience to God. I often forget about the conscience and what God did effects that as well. Let’s face it we will and do sin (deliberately deciding to live in sin is a different story (10:26). But God wants us to live confidently and boldly, trusting in him. He does not want sin to even hinder our minds and conscience. We have the liberty to access him and have his grace at all times in every situation.

I want to live with more confidence as a child of God with the greatest benefit package possible. Access to the king of the world. Even if I sin I want to remember that my access to God has not changed and Jesus’s sacrifice even cleanses my conscience.

This chapter does talk about and imply hope. Hope in what access to God will get us after death. We will still have hard times in this world that is why it ends with a call to perseverance. The benefits of the new priesthood are nothing to a person who is not Godly. To a person who lives for this world the priesthood offers no benefit. To a person who hopes of heaven and salvation the new priesthood offers help in this life and unimaginable reward in the next life.

Let’s have hope for heaven more often:)

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