2.20 Numbers 34-36

DJ and Stephanie Powell


Numbers 34-36

Numbers 34-36 are a collection of commandments to continue establishing God’s covenant with the 12 tribes of Israel.

Chapter 34 specifically maps out the borders of the promised land for once the people of Israel cross the Jordan to lay claim to the land promised to them.

Numbers chapter 35 describes the responsibility of the other tribes to provide six cities for the Levites (priests) by giving up some of their inherited lands.

This included pastureland around the cities for the cattle, livestock, and other animals. They were expected to give them land reaching from the city wall to a thousand cubits outward and all around.They were also commanded to treat these cities as refuge cities. Moses would later go on to explain how the cities would be used in terms of settling cases dealing with murder and accidental murder.

Numbers 36 focused on inheritance and marriage. Each tribe was blessed with some form of inheritance based on the covenant God established with his people. The question arose that if one were to marry the daughter of a different tribe, would that affect the inheritance one would receive from his tribe or that of his wife. The command was then handed down to marry within ones tribe for the Lord’s blessing would not transfer inheritance from one tribe to the next.

In summary, the lord helped the tribes of Israel to create a blueprint for governing between the tribes. Much different than what we see today by a long shot in fact. 

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